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LERA Consulting Structural Engineers 2022 Promotions

LERA 2022 Promotions

LERA is pleased to announce our new promotions for 2022!

Click here to read the official press release here

Promotions to Senior Associate:

Stephen Pfund, P.E. [New York]

Yue Zhao, P.E. (CA) [New York]

Xia Li, P.E. (CA) [New York]

Juhua Yang, Ph.D., P.E. (MI) [New York]

Deepesh Gupta [Mumbai]

Promotions to Associate:

Crystal Lin, P.E. (GA), S.E. (IL) [New York]

Tom Syku, P.E. (CA) [New York]

Lindsey Judge [New York]

Liridon Greva [New York]

Behnam Kiani [New York]

Renuka Ranwadkar [Mumbai]

Xueyan Tai [Shanghai]

Pei Wu [Shanghai]

In case you missed the previous set of promotions, click link below to read about our 2020 Promotions:

Jang New Partner at LERA and other 2020 Promotions


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