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Jang New Partner at LERA and other 2020 Promotions

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers Promotions 2020

New York Promotions Left to right: Top: Rahul Joag, Xia Li, Aakash Badjatya, Bottom: Zhewen Huang, Juhua Yang, Sangho Han

LERA is pleased to announce our new promotions for 2020!

Seokkwon Jang, Partner, LERA Consulting Structural Engineers

Seokkwon Jang Named Partner at LERA

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers (LERA) is pleased to announce Seokkwon Jang has been named a partner of the firm. With the firm since 2004, Seokkwon currently leads many of LERA’s commercial mixed-use and office developments in South Korea and has been responsible for significant firm growth within that region.

LERA 2020 Promotions

New York


Seokkwon Jang, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Partner

Sangho Han, P.E., LEED AP

Senior Associate

Aakash Badjatya, P.E.(MI)

Rahul Joag, P.E. (MI)

Rick Naumann, P.E.


Zhewen Huang, P.E.(CA)

Xia Li, P.E.(CA)

Juhua Yang, Ph.D., P.E.(MI)

Yun Luo, P.E.(TX)



Dong Wang

Jinrun Zhang

Lei Zhang

Hong Kong

Senior Associate

Sam Ng, P.E.

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers Staff Promotions

Additional 2020 Promotions: Left to Right: Top: Yun Luo, Rick Naumann, Sam Ng. Bottom: Dong Wang, Jinrun Zhang, Lei Zhang

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