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Engineer of the Moment Lindsey Judge, LERA Consulting Engineers

We are please to name Lindsey Judge as LERA's Engineer of the Moment! Congratulations Lindsey!

LERA's very own Lindsey Judge profiled in the 2020 New York Real Estate Journal's Ones to Watch! Lindsey is a Design Engineer at LERA with a Masters and Bachelors in Civil Engineering from University of Washington. She started at LERA in 2019 and her recent work includes healthcare, office and residential, and cultural buildings. Congratulations to Lindsey on all of your accomplishments!

" A year and a half ago, I moved across the country and began working at LERA in New York City. I had lived in Western Washington my entire life. I graduated from school there and worked for two years and a small structural engineering company in Seattle. I decided I wanted to do something different, found a job at LERA, and moved across the country. Working in New York and at LERA has provided me with experiences that I never could have imagined like working on a major cultural project in Los Angeles. It widened my perspective on the world and of what structural engineering is capable. " - Lindsey Judge

Pictured Above: Lindsey Judge at build night for CANstruction 2019.

" At LERA, I was a captain for our Canstruction team, we built my design of a pair of ballet shoes (inspired by my own experience as a dancer) out of 2,500 cans, and our structure won Best Original Design. Canstruction is an annual competition where architecture, construction and engineering companies build giant structures out of canned food. The structures are on display for two weeks at Brookfield Place, encouraging the public to donate canned food as well, afterwards the cans are donated to City Harvest. Our can design also won third place in the International Competition from thousands of entries. Back in Seattle, I was the outreach chair for Structural Engineer Association of Washington’s Young Members Group and volunteered with Washington Alliance for Better Schools teaching engineering topics at an afterschool science club for girls. I think it’s really important to make the engineering community a better place for women to participate and lead. Starting by getting more girls excited about math, science and engineering is a great way to move in that direction. The reason I am where I am now is because of the amazing and formidable female engineers who have encouraged me. And I want to be that kind of role model for another girl. "

- Lindsey Judge


When Lindsey was asked "Who or what her inspiration is?", This is what she had to say:

" Marjorie Lund. Marjorie was a principal and owner of the company I worked at in Seattle. She started her own company, established the Sustainability Committee for the Structural Engineers Association of Washington, and is on the Washington State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. Her path while staying involved in the engineering community, encouraging her employees, and raising a daughter has served as an inspiration to me and the path I hope to take. " - Lindsey Judge


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