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LERA Firm History   Project Timeline | Retired Partners

Since our founding in Seattle in 1923, we have changed our name and moved our headquarters to New York City, but our drive for excellence and innovation in structural engineering has remained strong.  LERA is committed to pushing the envelope in the art and science of structural engineering for buildings and long span structures.  In doing so we have participated in the development of new systems that have improved the way structures, large and small, are designed and constructed around the globe.


LERA’s consistently strong team of pioneering thinkers have worked on a wide range of projects, creating sound, innovative structures that challenge the norm while ultimately answering to both aesthetics and function.  LERA’s rich history of prominent high-rise buildings began with the World Trade Center in New York, continued with the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, and more recently included the Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, the Bitexco Financial Center in Ho Chi Minh City, and Lotte World Tower in Seoul.  We have designed structural systems for bridges, museums, schools, airports, and cultural centers globally, including the Miho Museum and Bridge in Japan, Puerta de Europa in Spain, Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, Newseum in Washington, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, and the Broad Museum in Los Angles, CA.


Our innovations continue today, LERA+ our research and development group streamlines ways to make our industry more efficient. And in 2017, we launched Supple LLC and our first software, IMMERSIFY offering Virtual Reality design collaboration for architects, engineers, owners and consultants.


A Select Timeline of LERA's historical projects around the world 

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Retired Partners 

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