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LERA Takes Home Top Prize at Canstruction New York 2019!

LERA's entry for this year's Canstruction New York, titled "Delicate Balance," was awarded Best Original Design, the top prize at the 27th installation of the annual charitable design competition. Team members were on hand to accept the award at the annual Canstruction Gala on Monday, November 11th at Battery Gardens Restaurant.

Canstruction brings teams of architects, engineers, contractors and students together to create giant structures made entirely from unopened cans of food, which are then donated to those in need. This year, LERA's team of volunteers designed and constructed an 8-ft tall pair of ballerina feet posing in the classic sous-sous dancer's position. The structure is made from nearly 2,500 cans of stuffed grape leaves and Grecian-style eggplant.

On public display through November 21st, the structure will be "de-canstructed" at the end of the exhibition, when all of the cans are donated to City Harvest, a local food charity serving families in need.

Structurally, "Delicate Balance" features a large 1-ft cantilever at the heels, and utilizes a combination of internal shear cans and weight balancing to resist overturning and torsional forces.

LERA's entry was front and center in media, including being showcased by Pix11 and more.



Sarabjit Singh & Lindsey Judge

Team Members

Aakash Badjatya, David Chang, Maxwell Coar, Mary Beth D'Amico, Evram Dawd, Dhiraj Jamdade, Gokul Kamath, Kaitlyn Kliewer, Jason Lai, Kin Hei Lam, Donghun Lee, Xia Li, Crystal Lin, Marli Mata, Elias Matar, Lucas Matar, Sami Matar, Magen Mintz, Stephen Pfund, Andrew Polimeni, Eddy Roberts, Nidhi Sekhar, James Simpson, Richard Tran, Carrie Villani, Sean Zhang

Special thanks to the Partners of LERA for their continued support!

Team LERA accepting the "Best Original Design" award at the 2019 Canstruction New York Awards Gala

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