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LERA Runs to the Fore at Canstruction New York 2018!

On Thursday, November 1st, LERA once again took part in Canstruction New York, an annual charity competition where architects, engineers, contractors and students create giant structures made entirely from unopened cans of food. This year, LERA's team of volunteers designed and constructed an 8-ft tall, 11-ft long "running man" made out of nearly 4,000 sardine cans. On display until November 15th, the structure will be "de-canstructed" at the end of the exhibition, when all of the cans are donated to City Harvest, a local food charity serving families in need.

Be sure to visit Brookfield Place by November 15th to see the sculptures!

"Outrunning Hunger" won the First Honorable Mention award, the second highest honor presented at the annual Canstruction NY Awards Gala. The sculpture's wake-like trailing wall signifies both the runner's movement and the "drag" of hunger. Its complex form curves both in profile and in its top path, and provides structural support for the leaning body.

LERA's can man was front and center in the ensuing media coverage, including being showcased by ABC's Eyewitness News, amNewYork, NY Waterway and more.



Richard Tran


Alberto Silva

Team Members

Aakash Badjatya

David Chang

Ethan Cotton

Evram Dawd

Martin Grym

Rahul Joag

Kin Hei Lam

Donghun Lee

Yun Luo

Elias Matar

Sami Matar

Magen Mintz

Tushar Nagananda

Amit Nambiar

Stephen Pfund

Eddy Roberts

James Simpson

Tom Syku

Mia Tsiamis

Carrie Villani

Special thanks to the Partners of LERA for their continued support and to BELA Brand Seafood!

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