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Water You Doing to End Hunger? CANstruction NY 2022

Water You Doing to End Hunger? Vote for LERA in the People's Choice Award.

LERA's CANstruction NY 2022 design features a striking blue water droplet. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Canstruction at Brookfield Place, the 30th annual Canstruction New York event, and the 40th anniversary of City Harvest. Access to clean drinking water is crucial to solving world hunger. Despite it being a basic human need, roughly 2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water, while over 650 million people suffer from malnutrition globally. What are you doing to end hunger? Constructed from approximately 3,200 tuna cans, LERA's can sculpture captures the rippling effect a single charitable action can have on our wider community, both locally and on a societal scale. The 8-ft-tall sculpture depicts a drop of water crashing into a larger body of water, capturing the energy dissipated through its splash. Structurally, the sculpture features cantilevers around the perimeter of the drop, and utilizes a combination of internal shear cans and weight balancing to resist overturning forces. Even though hunger may be isolated to an individual, the rippling effects to that persons loved ones are long lasting. We believe that even a single “drop” can have a significant impact on alleviating hunger and helping those in need.


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