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NYREJ's Women in Construction profiles Crystal Lin, LERA Consulting Structural Engineers

Crystal Lin, P.E. (GA), S.E. (IL) is an Associate at LERA with a Masters in Structural Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She started at LERA in 2019 and her recent work includes healthcare and research, education, hotel and residential, office and mixed-use developments and sculptures and art installations. Congratulations to Crystal on all of your accomplishments!

Read full article here: 2022 Women in Construction, Crystal Lin

Why should women consider a career in construction?

"I mean, why not. When I was at Georgia Tech, I heard there was no women's bathroom in the civil engineering building back in 1970s. Things have changed now—women in construction are no longer uncommon scenes today. In addition, there are plenty of jobs in the construction sector, whether you are a site manager, an architect/engineer, or an estimator, women can often bring new insights to projects." - Lin

What advice would you o􀀂er to other women getting into the construction industry?

"Be open-minded. We are in the digital age, unlike handmade sheets, almost everything requires computer skills. Even though construction is a traditional industry, we have been gradually incorporating new technologies into our day-to-day work. I believe computer skills are essential to make one’s work more productive and efficient." - Lin

Crystal Lin has been an integral part of LERA's winning CANstruction team!

LERA's entry for this year's Canstruction New York, titled "Delicate Balance," was awarded Best Original Design, the top prize at the 27th installation of the annual charitable design competition. Canstruction brings teams of architects, engineers, contractors and students together to create giant structures made entirely from unopened cans of food, which are then donated to those in need. LERA's team of volunteers designed and constructed an 8-ft tall pair of ballerina feet posing in the classic sous-sous dancer's position. The structure is made from nearly 2,500 cans of stuffed grape leaves and Grecian-style eggplant.



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