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Passing the Baton - Better Project Handoff Processes with BIM White Paper Released

Image Credits: Autodesk Engineering Executive Council

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers is pleased to announce the first whitepaper from the North America Engineering Executive Council (EXC): "Passing the Baton". Alfonso Oliva, Director of LERA+ and Senior Associate at LERA is a co-author of "Passing the Baton" and a key member of the EXC.

Current conditions in AEC present an unprecedented opportunity for the emergence of a more streamlined and efficient project delivery model – where project owners in particular stand to benefit from increased cost predictability, shortened project timelines, and reduced waste along the supply chain. In “Passing the Baton,” the North America EXC lays out the challenges we’re facing as an industry and offers both near and long-term solutions that AEC professionals can implement around people, processes, and technology. Many thanks to all of the the authors for their time and effort Dave Bleiman, Josh Getz, Erleen Hatfield, PE, AIA, Susanmarie Koenigs, Paul McGilly, Alfonso Oliva, Sébastien Paré, David Pikey, Jeremy Woodgate.

About the EXC

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers' Alfonso Oliva has had the honor to work collaboratively with The Engineering Executive Council (AEC), formed in 2017, composed of a select group of high-level executives from a variety of engineering and fabrication firms throughout the U.S. and Canada. With a focus on the MEP and structural disciplines, the group regularly convenes to network, explore issues affecting the industry, and share best practices among peers.

The purpose of the Council is to identify and discuss industry-agnostic transformative technology trends and key business challenges and opportunities, and to better understand and react to the impact of these forces on their business.


The full paper is available here: Passing the Baton


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