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LERA Sponsors New York Building Congress Healthcare and Life Sciences Report

Image Credits: NY Building Congress

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers (LERA) is proud to sponsor the New York Building Congress Healthcare and Life Sciences Report released this week as part of a Healthcare and Life Sciences week initiative.

The report features an overlook on the industry and construction outlook along with fresh research and perspective since the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the city and world.

A number of LERA's healthcare projects are featured along with a quote from Doug P. González, Associate Partner at LERA and lead in our healthcare and laboratory work.


The two industries [building and healthcare] are also collaborating on how to prepare new and existing healthcare facilities for an uncertain climate future. In terms of resiliency, healthcare institutions have the responsibility of maintaining services under extreme conditions and therefore, must have adequate flood protection and storm mitigation measures. “Resiliency remains a vital part of healthcare facilities priorities and planning,” according to Douglas P. González P.E., Associate Partner at LERA Consulting Structural Engineers, who have helped a number of institutions accomplish flood protection and develop robust storm mitigation preparations. “The next natural incident will inform a resiliency 2.0 of sorts, by informing the effectiveness of current systems throughout the industry and country.” This Resiliency 2.0 requires a fundamental shift towards building with the impact of climate change and severe weather events in mind.

Image Credits: ©2020 Pavel Bendov

The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC) at Columbia University Medical Center, structural engineering by LERA is featured in the report.

The report Sponsors and publication team.


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