WAVE - A New Urban Pathway

Experience the Wave video above.

Wave is a new 1,580-ft long pedestrian bridge that would link the main artery of the redeveloped Moynihan Station with the start of the existing High Line in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards neighborhood. S-shaped in plan, its form is a balanced blend of the dynamic and pragmatic, offering a narrow, direct connection to Moynihan Station on 31st Street before “breaking” around the corner on 9th Avenue and “splashing” onto 30th Street with wider paths and lush, open spaces, ultimately terminating at The Shed. Wave would enhance foot travel by engaging pedestrians in an experience that rewards walking, becoming both the preferred mode of daily transit for local commuters and a draw for tourists by providing a new, more enjoyable pathway from the train station to the High Line.

More people live in cities than ever before, leading to unprecedented levels of congestion, traffic and pollution. It is clear that cities need to move away from the old, automobile-centric models of urban planning and restructure their urban environments to provide more available options for safe, pleasant and efficient foot travel, both to relieve congestion and to enhance the daily experience of inhabitants.

Utilizing the fewest number of vertical supports possible, Wave