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Antonio Rodriguez Writes Article on Using VR in MEP Design

Antonio Rodriguez, P.E., in collaboration with JB&B, recently wrote an article on how designers are using IMMERSIFY, a virtual reality (VR)-based software developed at LERA that works in tandem with Revit, Rhino and other 3D and BIM software, to transform the way that they design mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems.

Maura Candelaria, JB&B's Director of BIM, stated, "Virtual reality has allowed JB&B to distinguish itself from the competition while significantly enhancing its client services. With VR, we can ‘virtually’ inhabit the building before it’s even built, and anticipate possible construction issues."

Jeff Arcara, Associate at JB&B, explained, "We’re still exploring the range of possibilities that IMMERSIFY presents, but we see great potential in it as a training tool for new engineers. Sometimes people new to the field lose sight of the ‘big picture,’ of just how grand the scale of what we are designing can be. IMMERSIFY lets you get familiar with what you’re designing early on, which ultimately makes for better designs and fewer problems during construction."

Learn more about IMMERSIFY and download a free trial at

Antonio is a Senior Associate and VR Specialist at LERA. He guides the efforts of LERA IMMERSE, a Virtual Reality consulting service, and he develops projects with complex geometries using advanced techniques, such as parametric design, computational methods, digital fabrication and VR. In 2017, he helped launch IMMERSIFY, an immersive VR-based software platform for AEC professionals.

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