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How to incorporate Virtual Reality into your workflow

Are you curious about VR and would like to know more about how it can be used in the AEC workflow?

Join us for "The Power of Virtual Reality as a Decision Making Tool"! This AIA CES HSW seminar can be offered at your office or institution.

This course will give participants an overview of the Virtual Reality tools and techniques available to maximize collaboration, efficiency and workflow in the design of structures.

Participants will learn:

• how VR can inform decision making, such as previewing views and lines of sight virtually to optimize building layouts for maximum natural light.

• how to use the tools available in VR, such as first-person building walkthroughs to annotate designs, make changes and/or detect various clashes in building systems.

• the best practices for utilizing VR to enhance design coordination.

• how decisions made in VR can be directly imported into Revit/BIM models and construction documents.

This course is presented by structural engineers with expertise in the use and implementation of virtual reality.

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