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Using Virtual Reality as a Design Tool

Antonio Rodriguez: LERA’s Virtual Reality Turns Design Ideas Into Life

Leading into the foray of virtual reality at LERA is Antonio Rodriguez, Senior Associate and a key member of LERA+, LERA’s research and development team focusing on computational design. Antonio has developed VR as an important communication tool for clients and the design team. “The technology is changing at an incredibly fast pace and we are excited to embrace it as part of our workflow.” says Antonio. Antonio is currently working on the Javits Center Expansion in New York City and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago. His previous projects include The Broad Museum in Los Angeles and a private residence in the Hamptons with a complex geometrical FRP roof created using LERA+’s proprietary design software.

If you would like to learn more about Virtual Realty, Antonio and LERA+, we offer an AIA/CES accredited course Computational Design: Design Process Strategies and Enhancements. Read more about the course HERE.

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