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Engineer of the Moment: LERA’s Volleyball Star

LERA’s Engineers have game off court and on! While he is not working on academic, healthcare and government projects Stephen Pfund is playing in the ZOG Sport’s Volleyball League. His team consists of eight talented players and is in the top level of the league. Each season has 8 matches, 3 games apiece. Each team is sponsored by a company and represents a charity. Steve’s team sponsor is The Stewed Cow, a bar in New Jersey, and his team represents the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

Steve joined ZOG Sports in order to meet new people and form new friendships. He also wanted to continue his volleyball hobby after having a great experience with volleyball in college. After playing individually for a few months, he has joined top level team which will play in the playoffs this weekend. If they win the playoffs, their charity will receive prize money.

Steve and his team also appear on a ZOG Sport’s advertisement on the PATH Train.

Good Luck with the Playoffs!

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