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Engineers Week 2015

On the occasion of Engineer's Week and Women's Engineers Day last week, we asked several of our engineers to reflect on what excites them about ‪‎Structural Engineering‬ and of course what we do here as engineers. We posted their answers on our different social media platforms throught the week. Here are some of the responses:

"Collaboration and team work! We help solve real-world problems as a team to create amazing architecture. Whether learning from the in-house expertise at LERA or collaborating with Architects and Contractors, the process and evolution of problem solving is fascinating." ~ Michael

"Working together to use our diverse skills to contribute to the beauty and quality of the built environment is very satisfying to me." ~ Monica


Halle's message to young women: Don't be afraid to go into engineering.


“That moment when you’re able to solve somebody’s problem & help people move forward in something important that they are trying to do is what I like best about being an ‪#‎Engineer‬” ~ Ben

"Being a structural engineer is most gratifying in that I can touch and see what I've been working on with others in the Owner and AE team. Close collaboration from beginning to end is the key to success." ~ SawTeen


"Seeing the structure being built, as it was designed by us, gives immense happiness and signifies how important the work we do actually is"~ Raunak


This Dream Team enjoys "taking something from paper and making it real" and "the way the science and math respond to reality"


"Breathing life into the design concept" ~ Jason

"I enjoy working with Contractors, and the conversations we have. There's an opportunity to learn everyday." ~ Ksenia


"We get to be a part of huge projects that you would never be able to accomplish on your own" ~ David


Rahul says "I enjoy providing the Structural Engineer's 'Midas' touch, to make an Architect's vision into a reality".


"Promoting the talented engineers of LERA and seeing projects from initial concept and proposal transform into vibrant buildings is very fulfilling." ~ Carrie - Marketing


"Structural Engineers, through design, control the mind living inside of a building." ~ Seokkwon


Create, Design & Build! ~ Aakash's passion

"Innovation in the Engineering world is about having a vision and communicating that vision to others; the idea behind it is to look forward without forgetting that you are serving people in today’s world." ~ Alfonso


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