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2015 LERA Promotions

The Partners of Leslie E. Robertson Associates were pleased to announce the following promotions.

These promotions will enable LERA to continue it's success in offering services to clients around the world. We are thankful for their contributions to the firm.

Promotions | New York Office

LERA's Newest Senior Associates From left: Antonio Rodriguez, Jae Ik Song, Eddy Roberts, Alexandra Novak, Hiroshi Shirako

LERA's Newest Associates From left: Joe Yamin, Michael Hopper, Adam Kirk, Thomas Kelleher, Sam Ng, Halle Doenitz, Ethan Cotton

Promotions | Mumbai Office

mumbai associates 2015 inset.jpg

LERA Mumbai's Newest Associates Left to right: Rahul Joag, Raunak G. Mangal, Raju Vurugonda, Gokul Kamath, Shiv Shanker-R (inset)

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