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LERA Honored Top Award at 3rd Consecutive CANstruction NYC

Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA) was awarded the top prize at the 22nd Annual Canstruction NY Awards Gala held in New York City. “Hungry to the Core” was honored as the Jurors’ Favorite. This marks the third year in a row that LERA has won the Jurors’ Favorite award. “Pour Your Heart Out” won in 2013 and “Topping Hunger” won in 2012. In addition,LERA’s “Pour Your Heart Out” was awarded the first annual international Cheri Melillo Founder Memorial Award in 2014.

“Hungry to the Core”, Winner, Canstruction NY, Jurors’ Favorite 2014

“Hungry to the Core” is a vivid representation of an apple core created with 3,300 bold red and yellow sardine cans.LERA’s mission statement for the project sums up the spirit of the CANstruction competition which donates canned goods to City Harvest. "Every day, we rub shoulders with people in every walk of life. Every day, we walk past those less fortunate. As the apple's fruit protects its seeds, we can help protect those in need. It's up to us to keep our city's core, our people, nourished and thriving. In the Big Apple - a city that's Hungry to the Core - it's up to us to help those seeds grow roots and flourish. Here's an apple. It's for you." The project was a collaborative effort led by LERA’s team Co-Captains, Stephen Pfund and Ksenia Tretiakova, both Design Engineers at LERA.

LERA Accepts the Jurors' Favorite Award 2014

LERA's Team on Build Night

“Pour Your Heart Out”, Winner, Canstruction NY, Jurors’ Favorite 2013, Winner, International Founder Award, 2014

“Topping Hunger”, Winner, Canstruction NY, Jurors’ Favorite 2012

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