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LERA Wins NCSEA 2021 Outstanding Project Award

LERA Consulting Structural Engineers is honored to receive the 2021 Outstanding Project Award from the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), regarded as one of the highest project awards in the Structural Engineering profession, for the design of the Rubenstein Forum at the University of Chicago.

The structural system for this unique project is a series of stacked concrete boxes. Similar to how folding cardboard into a box allows it to hold more weight than if it were flat, the Forum's concrete structure is an efficient form for achieving the 40 ft. cantilevers and 65 ft. clear spans that capture amazing views of Chicago. None of the structural elements are working excessively hard individually, but rather work together in harmony to achieve something special.

LERA would like to thank NCSEA and congratulation all of those involved in making this project a success.

Michael Hopper, P.E., Associate Partner at LERA accepted the Outstanding Project Award at the NCSEA awards Gala yesterday. Finalists are announced earlier but the grand prize winner is dramatically unveiled live at the ceremony.

Michael Hopper, P.E., Associate Partner and Carrie Villani, Marketing Director at LERA.

LERA presentation panel for the event.



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