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LERA Looks Towards WTC 5

The RFP for WTC 5 has been released by PANYNJ and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

LERA attended the pre-proposal meeting and site visit held on July 22nd. NY1 interviewed LERA’s Carrie Villani at the site: NY1 WTC 5 Site Could Get 1.1 Million Square Feet of Apartments

"It’s a very exciting opportunity," said Carrie Villani with LERA Consulting Structural Engineers, "All the designs will have to be really carefully considered."

The WTC 5 site is zoned for a 900 foot tall tower and 1.3 million square feet. The multitude of uses may include residential, office, mixed-use and retail. The WTC 5 proposal calls for 30% WMBE participation.

LERA has played an integral part in the WTC redevelopment. Our involvement includes full structural design service on WTC 4, peer review service on WTC 1, WTC 2, WTC 3, and WTC 7 and multiple consulting services for owners, PANYNJ, Westfield and numerous tenants at the WTC.

LERA is WMBE certified with PANYNJ and New York State, we look towards this exciting and important final milestone in the WTC redevelopment.

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