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The Sphere | Battery Park City  

LERA worked together with DDC architects, contractors from Bovis and Tully, ironworkers from DCM, and PANYNJ to re-construct the Fred Koenig sculpture as the anchor of the Battery Park Memorial to the victims and survivors of September 11.  


Though badly damaged, the sculpture was for the most part intact.  During its removal from the site it was further damaged and dismantled prior to being shipped to JFK Airport for storage.  LERA studied the remnants of The Sphere and worked to return the sculpture back to its post 9/11 condition.  


The project involved reassembling several portions of the sphere; reconnecting it to its sculptural base; providing a new structural base; and re-establishing the internal structural supports for the bronze panels.  The project also included supplementing the internal structure to provide the stability necessary for the sculpture to stand in a public park.  


New York, NY 



NYC Department of Design & Construction 



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