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LERA provided structural engineering services for the addition of numerous support structures for electrical and mechanical equipment throughout the existing NYU Langone Medical Center campus, as well as support for internal and external electrical power and mechanical distribution systems, both horizontal and vertical. The work involves individual “make-ready” enabling projects that support the new, campus-wide primary and emergency power system operating out of the Energy Building, which will supply new and existing medical and research buildings.



Campus Power System Upgrades 
NYU Langone Medical Center 



LERA led the structural design of the renovation of vivaria and ancillary spaces in CUMC’s Central Facility (William Black Medical Research Building and College of Physicians and Surgeons) and Hammer Health Sciences Center. The Central Facility modernization was designed and constructed in five phases. One phase included major equipment replacement in the Mechanical Equipment Rooms and on the roofs, the latter having been converted to exterior MER’s over the years. 
With rooftop space being already filled at the start of the project, a new massive Rooftop Air Handling Unit (RTU) required the design of a new high-rise dunnage platform that was built over and straddled an existing RTU that was to remain. The new RTU serviced both the building on which it sat and an adjacent building. LERA designed a new 40-ft bridge for the distribution of new exterior ducts to the adjacent building. The vivarium renovation included the restructuring of the floor supporting the cage wash area. 



Central Facility Vivarium Modernization 
Columbia University Medical Center 
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