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St' Peter the Fisherman 

Peter the Fisherman by Frederic Shrady, originally created in 1965, was gifted to Fordham University in 1970 where it was installed on the plaza of their Lincoln Center campus.  In 2009 it was removed, partially disassembled and put into storage to make way for Fordham’s new Law School and McKeon Hall residence.  In the summer of 2014, it was reinstalled at a different location on the plaza.

The 15-foot tall, 28-foot long, 2400 lb. cast bronze statue with an inner steel skeleton was dismantled into three pieces for storage: the net; the body; and the base.  Working with Fordham University, C. Roussel Inc. Art Conservation and the erector, LERA designed the foundation for the statue and its connection to the foundation.  We also helped plan the logistics for mounting the statue on the foundation.


New York, NY 



Frederic Shrady 




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