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Seattle Art Museum & Hammering Man Sculpture  

A 5-story, 150,000-sf (14,000-sm) museum includes 45,000-sf (4,100-sm) of gallery space plus classrooms, auditorium, a museum store, restaurant and administrative offices.  


Hammering Man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures designed by Jonathan Borofsky which have been installed in various cities around the world. This project was structurally engineered by LERA. 


Hammering Man in Seattle is 14.6 m (48 feet) tall, 30 inches wide and 7 inches deep, and weighs 26,000 pounds. Located directly in front of the Seattle Art Museum and made out of hollow-fabricated steel with a mechanized arm of aluminum, an electric motor and flat black automotive paint. 


Seattle, Washington 



Museum Development Authority of Seattle



Venturi Scott Brown & Associates


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