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Puerta de Europa    

Puerta de Europa is a major office and residential project which frames the Paseo de la Castellana, the great north-south artery of Madrid, on the north side of the Plaza de Castilla.  The project’s location over a subway interchange rendered it impossible for the office buildings to be constructed near the street.  In order for the towers to read as a pair, they were designed to lean toward each other over their northern plazas.  This bold move created a portal at the northern end of the business district, serving as a gateway to Europe. 


This project consists of two leaning towers 372.5-ft (114-m) tall and 27 stories high.  The tower floors are 13,000-sf (1,200-sm), providing a total office area of 645,000-sf (60,000-sm) Each tower has three basements, a mechanical floor that houses the main electrical and air conditioning systems just below the roof level, and a crowning heliport.  



Madrid, Spain  





Philip Johnson/John Burgee Architects



First Prize Award for Engineering Excellence, 1996

New York Association of Consulting Engineers (NYACE)


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