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Portland Museum of Art 

The project consists of a 62,500-sf (5,800-sm) museum expansion.


The museum's exterior is a brick cavity wall construction. Prominent features include a brick vault over an exterior arcade and a brick dome over the main entrance. The interior finishes include gypsum walls, and ceilings, and a combination of wood and stone on the floors.


The floor framing consists of 10 + 4.5 * 6 @ 36 waffle slabs in 21’-4” bays alternating with 4.5” one-way slabs in 7’-4” bays. This alternating 7’-4”, 21’-4” col. spacing was employed to provide alternating corridor and gallery spaces. Further, the scheme allowed a minimum structural depth of 4.5” above the corridors thereby providing maximum space for all HVAC, plumbing and electrical lines in the corridor ceilings.


There are 4 above-grade floors and 2 below-grade floors. The type interior concrete column size is 14” * 14”. Lateral forces are resisted by concrete shear walls. 



Portland, ME



Portland Art Museum



Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

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