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Jinan Zhong Hong Plaza 

The Jinan Zhong Hong Plaza project site consists of three adjacent lots (16, 17 & 18) in a district planned by the Municipal Government with the intention of strengthening the financial industry in Jinan.  As a high-end Retail and Office complex, the design style is aimed to integrate into this new city image.


We are involved in the design of the 290-meter iconic Lot 18 Tower.  The GFA for this Tower is around 121,500-sm.  Stacked bottom to top, the program includes Retail, Office, Restaurant, and the Observation Level in a glass pyramid at the building’s peak. Below grade there are various program functions such as Retail, MEP, Parking and Loading Docks with support functions. 




Jinan, China



Shandong Qide Real Estate Co., LTD.



John Portman and Associates 


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