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Integrated Sciences Building    

State University of New York | SUNY Geneseo

LERA was the structural engineer for a new 5-story, 105,000-sf (9,750-sm) Integrated Sciences Building containing classrooms, offices and advanced laboratory facilities for chemistry, geology, biology and physics. The project also encompasses the renovation of Green Hall, an existing 40,000-sf (3,700-sm) science building.

The design for the ISC enhances the connection with existing campus facilities, creating a new anchor within the SUNY Geneseo quad linking Newton Hall and Greene Hall. The three buildings are now joined through a large, dynamic atrium space within the ISC. Structurally, the location and depths of beams were coordinated with the location of laboratories and anticipated paths for routing building services.


Geneseo, NY 



State University Construction Fund



Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum

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