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Friend Center for Engineering Education 

Princeton University 

With the need to expand and modernize the engineering school facilities, Princeton University decided to construct a new state of the art engineering building that could serve many purposes and yet fit within the current campus environment and the university’s budget. The result is a building that evokes and yet contrasts with its neighbors to provide a new multi-dimensional learning facility for the engineers of tomorrow. 


The 3 story, 65,000-sf building includes classrooms, the engineering library, faculty offices, computer clusters and a lecture hall. To the extent possible the building was designed to expose structural elements and serve as a full-scale illustration of engineering principles.  Not a classic atrium, the structure floats within the architectural enclosure and features exposed moment frames, exposed structural frames, special connecting details and cantilevered staircases. 



Princeton, NJ



Princeton University



Pei Cobb Freed & Partners



Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence, 2002

New York Association of Consulting Engineers (NYACE)


Honorable Mention, 2002

39th Annual New Jersey Concrete Awards


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