Energy Building  

The project consists of a new 5 level building adjacent to the existing Tisch Hospital housing an expanded and relocated Radiation Oncology department on the 2nd Floor.  New linear accelerator, bracotherapy, and tomagraphy treatment rooms with high-density concrete shielding are part of the Radiation Oncology 2nd Floor.  


The remaining levels including the roof contain essential power systems for the overall Medical Center.  The 3rd level contains back-up emergency power systems while the 4th Floor consists of a cogeneration plant for creating additional energy for the complex.  


The Roof level contains primary power systems for distributing incoming power from the city utility as well as the cogeneration facility.  The Energy Building is constructed over the existing materials and waste loading dock for the Medical Center through the use of transfer trusses at the 2nd Floor that are integrated into the Radiation Oncology spaces.  


The Ground Floor contain provisions for a future expansion of the Tisch Hospital kitchen. This project includes the installation of a new bulk oxygen facility at the adjacent Smilow Building as well as new electrical/mechanical equipment and distribution work throughout the existing buildings on campus.  


This project was designed to accommodate updated flood mitigation measures and built on a fast-track schedule.


New York, NY  






Ennead Architects in Association with NBBJ