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Brooklyn Army Terminal | Phase V Renovation 

This massive all-concrete structure sits on the waterfront near the New York Harbor in Brooklyn and consists of two 1,000-ft-long facilities, one of which houses an old military freight rail line once used for shipping munitions.

Dubbed “Phase V” of the NYCEDC’s long-term rehabilitation plan, the $100 millionrenovation is aimed at attracting startups, tech companies and local manufacturers to the area. Having been built nearly 100 years ago—and having been decommissioned nearly 60 years ago—much of the Brooklyn Army Terminal is completely lacking in up-to-code plumbing and electrical infrastructure. As a result, the bulk of the project involves transforming 500,000-sq-ft of uninhabited space in Building A into a modern environment fit for commercial and light industrial use.

As an integral part of the renovation, LERA is upgrading the entire middle third of the building, which entails the installation of new freight service elevators and HVAC ducts in existing shafts, as well as the addition of new MEP equipment to the rooftop and extensive electrical work. At the roof level, the concrete penthouse floor will be partially demolished and rebuilt to meet the requirements of the new elevators. New steel dunnage will be put in place to support the rooftop equipment, and custom-designed steel framing will enable exterior 8-ft-by-6-ft mechanical ducts to resist high wind loads.

Despite the modern enhancements, many of the building’s original features will be preserved, such as the elevator door jamb and ever-present exposed concrete, helping to maintain the building’s unique and historic aesthetic.


Brooklyn, NY 






Mancini Duffy 



Silver Award - Industrial and Manufacturing Processes and Facilities, 2018

American Council of Engineering Companies New York (ACEC NY) Engineering Excellence Awards

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