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This proposed pedestrian bridge would provide a new central connection between both sides of the planned Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park in Buffalo, NY by spanning over the I-190 highway and an Amtrak rail line. The bridge is diagonally positioned over both of these elements, and has a slightly curved profile, following a radius of approximately 1,000 ft.


The bridge consists of three spans: a large 350-ft main span, and two smaller 35-ft end spans. Combined with two small overhangs on both sides, the bridge totals 430 ft in length. The material used for the bridge is weathering steel, complemented with stainless steel railings and a concrete deck.


Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park Pedestrian Bridge | Buffalo Bridge Competition


Wave is a new 1,580-ft long pedestrian bridge that would link the main artery of the redeveloped Moynihan Station with the start of the existing High Line in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards neighborhood.


Wave’s design was driven by minimalist design principles, with accessibility, security and sustainability at its core. Wave has two “skins”: the outer skin consists of structural steel coated with a zinc-rich primer and metallic paint, and the inner skin is composed of foliage and greenery. The combination of these two materialities—poignantly aligned in smooth, inviting curvature—helps to insulate pedestrians from the surrounding noise and chaos of the city. 



The Wave | Urban Pathways Bridge Competition


The 400-ft long bridge combines key elements of three different structural systems to produce an elegant and highly efficient design.  The bridge consists of a combination of cantilevered, cable-stayed and post-tensioned design that produced a shallow bridge 6.5 ft deep, where the biggest structural member is just 10.5-inches in diameter.


The Miho Museum Bridge was ecologically designed by LERA to span the deep valley without the intervention of piers rising up from the ground.



Miho Museum Bridge  


The pedestrian bridge links the AIG tower to the Hong Kong elevated walkway network.  This partially enclosed pedestrian bridge has two asymmetrical box trusses spanning 150-ft (45-m).  S-shaped in plan, the exposed trusses, with its pipe diagonals of diminishing sizes, provide a striking architectural expression.


AIG Tower Footbridge 


The Museum includes five different bridges. A double deck vehicular bridges and a single pedestrian bridge provides the sole means of access to the museum’s offshore location in the bay. The bridges are cast-in-situ tapered sections of architectural concrete. 


Inside the facility, 72-ft (22m) three pedestrian bridges structured in metal and glass span the central atrium.  The bridges span 203-ft (62-m).



Museum of Islamic Art Bridges  

LERA's work included the addition of inspection and maintenance platforms under the lower level deck of the Henry Hudson Bridge for inspection of the bridges’ expansion joints. The project also included the design of a CMU electrical room enclosure in the bridges’ North Abutment to provide protection for the electrical transformers


Henry Hudson Bridge 


Part of a mega-mixed-use development on the city center waterfront of Suzhou’s historic Jinji Lake, these two landscaped pedestrian bridges, each with a total length of 190 m (600+ ft) over multiple spans, span 50 to 60 m (160 to 190 ft) over a multi-lane boulevard, future subway lines and future underground road connections.


The bridges are composed of post-tensioned concrete, with landscaped surfaces of trees, plants and various water features. The root balls of the trees are set within the girders of the bridge, achieving a thin structural profile and creating the illusion of trees growing from within the bridge deck.



Suzhou Center Bridges


Occupying the Shanghai World Financial Center's uppermost floors, lies the SWFC SkyWalk - an Arena offering visitors aerial views of the historic Lujiazui and winding river below and the chance to literally walk almost 500 meters above the city via the 100th-floor Sky Walk.



SkyWalk | Shanghai World Financial Center 


LERA provided value engineering and peer review of this pedestrian/bicyclist bridge with a main span of 325-ft (99-m) over 10 lanes of Interstate 280 in Silicon Valley. This bridge is the first cable-stayed crossing over a freeway in California.



Mary Avenue Pedestrian Bridge 
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