Lower Colorado Regional Office

LERA was the structural engineer for this 2-story, 49,000-sf office building, featuring architecturally-exposed steel and concrete structural components in Seismic Design Category D. With a plethora of sustainability and Green Building design features, the facility was awarded LEED Platinum status, and incorporates historic elements from the Bureau of Reclamation’s past, such as a gabion wall filled with blast tailings from the construction of the Hoover Dam and a wall tile mosaic made from core samples taken from the Grand Canyon.

LERA’s innovative structural design of the Green Building includes special concentrically braced frames; special concrete shear walls; a glass pedestrian bridge and staircase with a cast-in-place concrete elevator core; and king post roof trusses that eliminate the need for interior columns at the Second Floor level.


Boulder City, NV



US Bureau of Reclamation



Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects