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Northport VA Medical Center 

Relocation of ICU & Electrical Upgrade 

LERA was retained by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to relocate and modernize the Intensive Care Unit at the Northport VA Medical Center. The project involves the construction of a new 10,650-sf addition to the main hospital building.

The addition is designed to comply with VA-adopted codes and standards, including VA Directives, Design Manuals, Master Construction Specifications, Design Criteria and other Guidance on the Technical Information Library. 


LERA was also retained by Setty and the Department of Veteran Affairs (DOVA) to provide structural engineering design and survey work at the Northport VA Medical Center to accommodate new electrical design, electrical equipment work, new housing for the replacement primary electrical equipment and a new substation that will serve the campus.

The design will also address any structural impact from trenching and electrical conduit routing located inside and outside the existing and new buildings. The new substation structure, electrical rooms and improved areas of work will be Code compliant and will include structural design for footings, walks, floor slabs, roofs and other structural upgrades.


Northport, NY 



U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs



E4H (ICU Relocation)


MEP Engineer

Setty & Associates (Electrical Upgrade)

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