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Caroline Bergonzi 

LERA+ is consulting on the design of the support structure and foundation for New York-based artist Caroline Bergonzi’s “Metamorphosis,” a monumental, 17-ft-tall by 24-ft-wide steel-and-bronze sculpture. Originally placed on Governors Island for a temporary exhibition, the piece is being relocated to a permanent home that will be announced soon.

We are offering support services for the permanent installation, including the design of a more robust foundation and the redesign of the support structure to a single t-shaped beam in double curvature, which will keep the “bird” suspended in perpetual downward flight. Using an HTC Vive kit at LERA+’s Virtual Reality lab, the artist was able to draw the sculpture at a real scale in 3D.

The piece has two finishes that create a dual nature according to the viewer’s perspective: Facing the modern city skyline, the structure has a seamless golden sheen, created from a brazed bronze and brass finish. Facing the historic 69th Street Transfer Bridge (an old, disused rail dock), the structure appears more rustic and raw, with a rusted, industrial finish.


New York, NY 



Caroline Bergonzi 




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